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The cat snake is a fat snake with a short body, short tail, when shocked or disturbed, presses itself to prepare for battle and be careful, along with the sound of a cat, the sound of a car tire leaking by pumping air into the body until the body is inflated. and blowing air out through the nostrils, strong instead of ending up quickly, almost unpredictably, even though pressed at the normal level, the body is light brownish-gray with pink sand on the sides, looks like a dark brown sphere throughout the body Born is small and has a head with a triangular shape and black stripes like arrows with small scales on the head of the rope is long by the scientific name that currently has a different color and pattern with a gray water. Tan and pink and have many dark brown, are local drugs with small brown spots, triangular shape and are similar to arrows, southeast Asia can male Vietnam, etc. and southern China including. Taiwan island or also genius control from the habit of living along the dry grill until he is sandy soil in rocky crevices and looks to eat any type of food when disturbed will sound like a fondness for coconut water to eat in At night in Thailand, the central provinces are experiencing various emergency situations all the time. The time and area of ​​practicing is clearly increasing. In addition, the bite site swelled completely within time and may begin to suffocate and bleed, the most privileged person had a list of bleeding in 2 hours, scurvy, blood pressure, and eventually died.